Some Performances of Multicapillary Columns

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Typical quantities of the standard MCC contained 1200 capillaries 40 μm in a diameter each with thickness of a liquid stationary phase film 0.2 μm are given in the Table:


Some Performances of Multicapillary Columns

Operation factors

Straight MCC 220 mm long

Coiled MCC 1 m long

Volume of a gas mixture injected, ml



Mass of a sample injected, microgram/component



Efficiency, theoretical plates

2 000-4000

9000- 14000

Carrier gas flow rate, ml/min


35 - 60

Carrier gas velocity, cm/s 


22 - 40

Pressure difference, atm



Maximum factor of capacity



Cycle time of analysis, s

30  -  60

60 - 600

Maximum temperature for stationary phase OV-1, 0C

200 (MCC is sealed in a tube by silicone hermetic)

250 (MCC is sealed in fittings by graphite ferrules)


It is worth noting that a MCC can be used without loss of the efficiency at the significantly greater flow rates than are displayed in the Table. This fact is an obvious consequence of the experimental dependence given below. 


Dependence of HETP on the flow rate for multicapillary column


Another feature of MCC lies in the fact that separations on MCC are usually carried out at approximately 200C lower temperatures than on the other columns. 

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