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Address for Correspondence:

Multichrom Ltd, 
Arbuzova Str. 4a, bild.1 
630117, Novosibirsk, Russia

Telephone/ Fax: +007 (383) 332-02-50 

E-mail adresses:  or  

The old e-mail   is invalid.


Please, point out the following items in your order:

  • code of a column according to the catalogue;
  • quantity of columns;
  • description of a multicapillary column: diameter and length of the column, diameter and quantity of capillaries in the multicapillary column, stationary liquid phase and its thickness, fittings type;
    name of enterprise-buyer and its bank details;
  • address of consignee, its name and telephone number;
  • contact person, its telephone/fax number or e-mail address.  

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