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Multichrom, LLC (Multichrom Ltd.)  has arisen in 2000. It is situated in Novosibirsk, Russia. Employees of the company have long-standing experience in the gas analysis field. Development and manufacture of the multicapillary gas chromatographic columns (MCC) is an important line of Multichrom’s work. Glass multicapillary tubes including approximately a thousand of the same parallel capillaries of 20-100 μm in a diameter each serve as a row material for MCC production.

The short straight MCC 25 cm long are used in the portable gas chromatographs EKHO ( Sibertech Ltd., Design-Technological Institute of Instrument Engineering for Geophysics and Ecology, Siberian Branch of the RAS), in the chromatographs GCS (closed joint-stock company SIBEL) and in the others. The straight MCC permit to separate up to 1 ml of gaseous samples with efficiency 2000 - 3000  theoretical plates for 1 minute or less that enables to carry out fast high sensitive analyses on simple and robust designs of instruments.

The MCC 1 m long containing a bundle of 40 μm capillaries has an efficiency 12000 - 14000 theoretical plates and is a successful change of the packed columns because of its greater efficiency and speed of separation. The MCC is easily built in the laboratory gas chromatographs using both the capillary and packed columns (in the latter case connectors and devices of sample injection must be slightly upgraded).

Multicapillary сolumn cross-section
MCC’s cross-section

MCC in a stainless steel tube


 Commercial coiled multicapillary column

MCC 1 m long in cassette


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